Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi 2015 ● The Ultimate Skills & Goals Battle || HD

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Lionel Messi vs Atletico Madrid (Away) (281\2015) by LeoMessi10i

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Diego Simeone lavishes praise on Messi

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has lavished praise on Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi by saying that the 27-year-old is better than the attacking trio of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, and Karim Benzema combined.

This is seen as a direct dig at archrivals Real Madrid in a bid to destabilise them. Many expected Atletico to be a non-challenger in the title race this season, but this has not been the case as Diego Simeone has once again been able to stun the opposition by rebuilding his team in such a short span of time. After the arrival of Fernando Torres in January, the team is looking stronger than ever before.

Incredibly, they remain only four points behind table leaders Madrid although it could potentially widened to seven points if Carlo Ancelotti’s men win the game in hand. Simeone recently witnessed Atletico suffered a 3-2 defeat at the hands of Barcelona in the Copa del Rey. Read more »

Lionel Messi – Ghosts | 2015 HD

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Enrique accepts most difficult time of Premier League

Barcelona have been handed yet another difficult Champions League last 16 tie after they paired up against Manchester City, who are the reigning Premier league champions. Manager Luis Enrique has accepted that this is the most difficult opponents that they could have received, which is disappointing considering that they won the group.

However, he is confident that Barcelona will come out on the successful side just as they did last season. City were the opponents for Barcelona at this stage last season as well, but they secured a comfortable victory on aggregate over the two legs.

City have definitely improved in the last 12 months and Enrique has been quick to acknowledge this. He says that he does not want to discuss the game in detail right now since it takes place only in February. City are going through a tough spell when it comes to injuries. A number of their important players like Vincent Kompany, Sergio Aguero, and Edin Dzeko have been sidelined with injuries in the last few matches. City boss Manuel Pellegrini is likely to welcome them back in the middle of January, which gives the Premier League club enough time to get them back to full fitness in time for the match against Barcelona late in February.

“I am sure it’ll be a very hard match. The important thing in games like these is for us to be in good condition. If we’re on form, we are good enough to cope with any competition … I always think positively, and I know we are quite capable of getting through the round against Manchester City. He’s [Aguero] probably up there in the top ten or so players. But for me the number one is Leo Messi. Everyone else comes after him,” said the Barcelona boss after the draw was made for the last 16 rounds.

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Ronalod Shuts Down Rumors Of Bad Relationship With Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have a rivalry that was born ever since the Portuguese midfielder won his 1st Ballon d’Or award back in 2008 with Lionel Messi coming in 2nd place. This was during the time when C.Ronaldo was a player of Manchester United, even though he was still not playing in the Spanish League with Messi there still existed a sense of competition between both players.

The rivalry reached new scales after C.Ronaldo made his way to Real Madrid and got the chance to compete with Lionel Messi on a more direct level as they had to see each other during the Spanish League matches on 2 different periods of time throughout a season.

Whenever those players are compared a debate is usually brought up as fans can never actually agree on which one is the better overall performer. C.Ronaldo is generally considered to be the more complete player as he has a physical presence which allows him to take headers fairly easy as well as being capable of plowing right through defenders just because of his sheer strength meanwhile Messi is generally labeled as the most naturally skillful player as he can slip his way past everyone by flicks and dribbles.

For the longest time, the media has propelled a series of rumors stating that C.Ronaldo and Lionel Messi do not have a healthy relationship due to all of the fierce competition that exists between them but the Portuguese star of Real Madrid has spoken to the press and shut down those rumors.
“It’s not at all true that we have a bad relationship. We are colleagues and have a professional relationship. We don’t have a relationship outside of football like I have with some other players. He tries to do his best for his club and national team and I do the same. There is a certain rivalry where we are each doing our utmost for our teams. This rivalry is part of my life. It is only normal that people compare us’’ C.Ronaldo told reporters as he responded to a series of questions and rumors that involved him and Messi not having a good relationship.