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While it might be true that Barcelona has one of the most potent attacking forces in all of Europe which is leaded then who other than the 4 times Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi, the same cannot be said for their defence which has been a topic of criticism throughout these modern times.

The lack of options that Martino has at his disposal has even forced Adriano on being placed as a makeshift defender and even though Bartra and Montoya have been playing rather well in the Spanish league, it comes into doubt if they can perform accordingly when the Champions League arrives and they will have to play against some of the best squads in Europe.

It is no surprise why Barcelona is still in search of someone that can truly fit in the gap that was left by Puyol. Pique can be considered to be the best defender that Martino has at his disposal but even he has shown signs of inconsistency.

Chelsea’s David Luiz is a player that has been in superb form and has the qualities of not only being deployed a centre back but can also blast upfront with his quick sprints and deliver powerful shots upfront.

The Brazilian is wanted not only by Barcelona but also PSG who are looking for someone that can replace Alex as he is expected to leave the French club at the end of current season. PSG is willing to offer €21 million for the Brazilian defender of Chelsea and this means that Barcelona will have to make an improved offer if they even want to compete and have a chance on signing David Luiz from the Premier League.

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Following the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup draw, Messi received backlash by Iranians as his facebook account received a number of comments concerning the Argentinean super-star. Some made fun of the fact that Messi means “of copper” in Persian.

“Messi, you are made of copper. Even if you were out of gold, you could not do a damn thing” against Iran, said one commentator.

Not all of them were negative feedback or comments regarding the Barcelona player as some of them even apologized for what their fellow comrades did.

“As an Iranian, I want to apologize to you. Iranian people are not like that at all,” said Ali, in a post in English’’.

Argentina was placed together with Nigeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iran in Group F. It is a group that Lionel Messi’s side are expected to finish at the top without having many problems. After hearing about their opponents, the reaction in Iran was mixed as some Iranians were happy to face tough competition ahead of them but others not so much.

The Brazilian model Fernanda Lima was one of the presenters in charge of making the draw and she was also a target for the Iranians as controversy emerged with the attire she was wearing.

Women of the Islamic Republic are obliged by law to cover their hair most parts of their body and every time Fernanda Lima appeared in the live broadcast, the footage was cut. Some Iranians, meanwhile, created a page on Facebook entitled “Iranians Apologise to Fernanda Lima & Leo Messi”, which has so far attracted nearly 20,000 fans.

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Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi suffered the third major injury of the season, which will keep him out till January. This means that he is unlikely to win the FIFA Ballon d’Or award this season after having won the trophy four times in succession. The last two times that he suffered from injury this season, Messi has tried to get back to the pitch much earlier than expected. This is the reason for the player suffering subsequent problems according to his teammate Cesc Fabregas. He has recalled similar situation that happened to him when he was at Arsenal.

In order to prevent Messi from suffering another complication as a result of the latest injury, Fabregas has suggested that the Argentine superstar should take his time to take complete recovery before thinking about coming back to the team. Since he is one of the best players in the world, it is highly unlikely that Messi is going to lose his place anytime soon. The 26-year-old has played out any injuries for the last four years at the very highest level.

Prior to getting injured a poor run of five matches without a league role, which has not happened in recent years. Messi is expected to make his return to the first-team only after the winter break.

“[Messi] has to stop to take the time that he needs to emphasise his explosiveness. Something similar happened to me and I was badly affected. You believe you’re okay at first but you’re not. I was disappointed to miss out on some games but I know I’m at Barcelona and I will continue to grow. I spent the injury out of action and even spent half a year with the ordeal, which was not good; it was a very bad injury,” said Fabregas after the match.

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