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With the FIFA Best Player award naming Mohammed Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric as the finalists this year, there have been more murmurs as to the voting process employed. Lionel Messi missed out for the first time in a decade on a podium finish in any best players’ award.

Barcelona were almost unbeaten in the La Liga. They made it a domestic double by lifting the Copa del Rey. Messi scored the most in the league and was a huge figure for the Catalan club as always. He helped the national team of Argentina make the finals in Russia with an incredible hat trick in the last game. However, the shocking loss to AS Roma in the Champions League and then the disappointment at the World Cup increased the scrutiny of Messi.
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There has been a long held myth on release clauses in professional football. As modern football continues to surprise us, this myth seems to have lost its revered relevance in contract talks. Neymar’s move from Barcelona to PSG affected football in so any ways. It doubled the cost of star players and moved the game closer to the £1 billion player mark that a few analysts have predicted.

Clubs no longer have the buyout fee protection in deals with players as there are numerous sources or tricks competitors can employ in funding such expensive transfers. Barcelona are still far from learning their lessons, going by revelations that their star player Lionel Messi would still have a far lesser expected release clause when he agrees to extend his deal with the club.
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