If there is one debate in the football world that doesn’t seem to end, and doesn’t looking like ending anytime soon, it is the question of “who is the greatest of all time?”. While some say it is Lionel Messi, some others feel it should be Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, a former Russian footballer, AleksandrMostovoi has shared his thoughts on the debate. Mostovoi, whois a well-known name to fans of the Spanish La Liga, started his playing career at KrasnayaPresnya.

A Popular Italian Agent Says He Wants To Take Messi To Italy

The switch of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus has made a popular Italian agent say that they going to make it his mission to lure Lionel Messi, the Barcelona superstar to Italy. He has also stated that he has already got in touch with his representatives. The Argentine has been linked with a switch from the Catalan club for sometimes in his career. Thus, the speculation regarding his future appears to be gaining traction yet again.

After the recent challenge by Ronaldo to Messi when he had said that the thirty-one-year-old needs to join him at Serie A, Alessio Sundas, the popular agent had explained that he is planning to do whatever it takes in order to get the forward from Blaugrana to Inter Milan. Sundas has also said that these days, he exchanged some emails with Pep Segura, Barcelona’s manager and also the father of Lionel Messi who looks after his interest. He said that their reply wasn’t a big ‘no’ like it had been in the past. This implies that there slight chances to watch Messi play for Italy.

Initially, the one reliable club in regards technical and economic terms.

Introducing Messi to the Inter is going to mean placing the unique transfer quite able of equalizing Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival at Juventus. Messi has often talked about his plan to retire at Camp Nou.

Messi Came Back To Barcelona Team After The Broken Arm

Lionel Messi, the superstar has been not in the game absent for nearly weeks, but now he has returned to the team for La Liga encounter which is going to happen this weekend. The start player is in the queue to make his comeback from a broken arm against Real Betis on Sunday. He is coming back after being named in the squad of Ernesto Valverde.

Messi suffered a fall during the game, which was really awkward and the fall happened when he collided with Franco Vazquez of Sevilla in the match that ended with the score of the 4-2 win on 20th October and in the process, he fractured his arm ruling himself out from the game for three weeks. As an interim measure, he was named in the traveling team for the 1-1 draw of Tuesday at the Inter in the Champions League. However, he has not been given the all-clear certificate from the medical staff. Barca chose not to take in his name in the matchday selection, which is the final one.
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Lionel Messi: Argentina World Cup 2022 Claim For The Barcelona Star

It is the view of former Argentina chief Jorge Sampaoli, who was responsible for the South American nation at the recent World Cup in Russia. This tournament has seen the side knocked out in the last 16 of possible champions France after an exciting 4-3 loss. Argentina has been fighting for the international scene in recent years, and finishes on Copa America in the year 2015 and 2016, meaning Messi’s only international trophy is a gold medal from the Olympic Games in 2008.

But, Sampaoli believes the Barcelona star will return. And he also claims that he can help Argentina to win for Qatar in four years. When he was asked the question can Messi win the World Cup, Sampaoli told Marca, in the reply of the same, he said, “There is no doubt he has all the abilities and he can. But it requires a process, considering what has happened so far.
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With the FIFA Best Player award naming Mohammed Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric as the finalists this year, there have been more murmurs as to the voting process employed. Lionel Messi missed out for the first time in a decade on a podium finish in any best players’ award.

Barcelona were almost unbeaten in the La Liga. They made it a domestic double by lifting the Copa del Rey. Messi scored the most in the league and was a huge figure for the Catalan club as always. He helped the national team of Argentina make the finals in Russia with an incredible hat trick in the last game. However, the shocking loss to AS Roma in the Champions League and then the disappointment at the World Cup increased the scrutiny of Messi.

Carlos Tevez on Argentina

Former Manchester United and Argentina striker Carlos Tevez said that he is disappointed with the elimination of Argentina at the World Cup and said that the team did not deserve to go further. He said that the team has struggled at times during games and that they were disappointing.

He believes that changes need to be made at the top of the football federation if the team is to improve. He said that Argentina needs to rethink their football development program and make sure that they improve their detection of young players.
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Ronalod Shuts Down Rumors Of Bad Relationship With Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have a rivalry that was born ever since the Portuguese midfielder won his 1st Ballon d’Or award back in 2008 with Lionel Messi coming in 2nd place. This was during the time when C.Ronaldo was a player of Manchester United, even though he was still not playing in the Spanish League with Messi there still existed a sense of competition between both players.

The rivalry reached new scales after C.Ronaldo made his way to Real Madrid and got the chance to compete with Lionel Messi on a more direct level as they had to see each other during the Spanish League matches on 2 different periods of time throughout a season.

Whenever those players are compared a debate is usually brought up as fans can never actually agree on which one is the better overall performer. C.Ronaldo is generally considered to be the more complete player as he has a physical presence which allows him to take headers fairly easy as well as being capable of plowing right through defenders just because of his sheer strength meanwhile Messi is generally labeled as the most naturally skillful player as he can slip his way past everyone by flicks and dribbles.

For the longest time, the media has propelled a series of rumors stating that C.Ronaldo and Lionel Messi do not have a healthy relationship due to all of the fierce competition that exists between them but the Portuguese star of Real Madrid has spoken to the press and shut down those rumors.
“It’s not at all true that we have a bad relationship. We are colleagues and have a professional relationship. We don’t have a relationship outside of football like I have with some other players. He tries to do his best for his club and national team and I do the same. There is a certain rivalry where we are each doing our utmost for our teams. This rivalry is part of my life. It is only normal that people compare us’’ C.Ronaldo told reporters as he responded to a series of questions and rumors that involved him and Messi not having a good relationship.

Mourinho Reveals Attempts To Get Modric

Chelsea boss José Mourinho has revealed that he tried to get Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric a few months ago. The Croatian international moved to Madrid for £ 35 million from Tottenham only two years ago. After a first season of numerous troubles, Modric has established himself as one of the first-team regulars at Madrid. He is vital in the counter-attacking style of football employed by manager Carlo Ancelotti. It was Mourinho who brought Modric to the Santiago Bernabeu.

Interestingly, Chelsea tried to get Modric even when he was at Tottenham. Before moving to Madrid, Chelsea are believed to have made a £ 40 million offer for the midfielder. After rejecting this transfer, Mourinho was able to get the player for £ 35 million next summer. Modric would have been the perfect replacement for Frank Lampard, but Mourinho says that he respects the decision of the 27-year-old. It is now understood that Modric has been the first choice to replace Lampard, but since the player wanted to stay at Madrid, Chelsea went on and signed Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona.

The 27-year-old comes from Barcelona for just £ 28 million and it has all the makes a great transfer. Fabregas, just like Modric, is well experienced when it comes to playing in the Premier League. “I called Modric only privately but he doesn’t want [to join] Chelsea. You know I really appreciate Luka Modric and his qualities. But he stays in Real Madrid,” said Mourinho. After moving to Madrid, the Croatian international has won several major trophies including the Champions League last season. It is understood that he will remain a key part of Carlo Ancelotti’s plan even after the Spanish club brought in the likes of Toni Kroos.

James Rodriguez has also been signed for more than £ 70 million.


While it might be true that Barcelona has one of the most potent attacking forces in all of Europe which is leaded then who other than the 4 times Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi, the same cannot be said for their defence which has been a topic of criticism throughout these modern times.

The lack of options that Martino has at his disposal has even forced Adriano on being placed as a makeshift defender and even though Bartra and Montoya have been playing rather well in the Spanish league, it comes into doubt if they can perform accordingly when the Champions League arrives and they will have to play against some of the best squads in Europe.

It is no surprise why Barcelona is still in search of someone that can truly fit in the gap that was left by Puyol. Pique can be considered to be the best defender that Martino has at his disposal but even he has shown signs of inconsistency.

Chelsea’s David Luiz is a player that has been in superb form and has the qualities of not only being deployed a centre back but can also blast upfront with his quick sprints and deliver powerful shots upfront.

The Brazilian is wanted not only by Barcelona but also PSG who are looking for someone that can replace Alex as he is expected to leave the French club at the end of current season. PSG is willing to offer €21 million for the Brazilian defender of Chelsea and this means that Barcelona will have to make an improved offer if they even want to compete and have a chance on signing David Luiz from the Premier League.


Following the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup draw, Messi received backlash by Iranians as his facebook account received a number of comments concerning the Argentinean super-star. Some made fun of the fact that Messi means “of copper” in Persian.

“Messi, you are made of copper. Even if you were out of gold, you could not do a damn thing” against Iran, said one commentator.

Not all of them were negative feedback or comments regarding the Barcelona player as some of them even apologized for what their fellow comrades did.

“As an Iranian, I want to apologize to you. Iranian people are not like that at all,” said Ali, in a post in English’’.

Argentina was placed together with Nigeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iran in Group F. It is a group that Lionel Messi’s side are expected to finish at the top without having many problems. After hearing about their opponents, the reaction in Iran was mixed as some Iranians were happy to face tough competition ahead of them but others not so much.

The Brazilian model Fernanda Lima was one of the presenters in charge of making the draw and she was also a target for the Iranians as controversy emerged with the attire she was wearing.

Women of the Islamic Republic are obliged by law to cover their hair most parts of their body and every time Fernanda Lima appeared in the live broadcast, the footage was cut. Some Iranians, meanwhile, created a page on Facebook entitled “Iranians Apologise to Fernanda Lima & Leo Messi”, which has so far attracted nearly 20,000 fans.